Here’s some stuff that I find helpful to some degree.


Cheap desk, good chair, good speakers, stupid-Hertz displays.

Custom PC

In 2015 I built my own custom gaming PC. I’m currently on Gen2 of the build having replaced quite a few parts along the way. I budget ~$500/yr upgrading random parts. View my PCPartPicker List.


Gotta take care of your moneymakers.

  • ErgodoxEZ
    Huge splurge, but a really great and quirky ortholinear split ergo mechanical keyboard.

  • Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
    This keyboard is a bit squishy, but I promised myself if Microsoft ever released a wired ergo keyboard I’d buy it. For $67 it’s pretty great.

  • Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse
    I trialed a $15 Anker vertical mouse first, but Logitech one is amazing and feels luxurious.


When it comes to podcasting setups, I lean towards minimal, affordable setups that sound good.

Laptop, Tablet, Phones, Etc.

  • Surface Laptop 2 (13”)
    I got the 13” matte black, considering going up to 15”.

  • iPad Pro 11”
    Been lusting after a device like this. Mixed reviews tho.

  • iPhone Xʀ
    I lost my other phone on a bike ride. This was the cheapest replacement.


  • FeedBin
    I 💙 RSS and Feedbin has the user experience and features I crave.

  • VS Code
    It’s a code editor. Has plugins and themes. It’s nice.

  • Squoosh
    Online image compression tool, great for cutting WebPs.

  • RIOT
    Best image compression tool I found for Windows. Good for batch operations.

  • Screenbits
    Best quick screencapture tool for Windows.

  • Streamlabs OBS
    Incredible software if you’re going to start a Twitch stream.