Howdy, Partner

I'm Dave Rupert, co-founder of Luro, lead developer at Paravel, and co-host of ShopTalk. I'm married to the drummer of a mid-2000s indie rock band and I'm a dad to two wonderful kids. I live in Austin, TX.


  • Bleeding Edge ATX

    Presented “HTML with Superpowers” at the recently rebooted Bleeding Edge ATX meetup.

  • Bad @ CSS

    I joined the Bad @ CSS video podcast to talk. Watch on YouTube

  • Frontend Masters Boost Blog

    Wrote my first article for the Frontend Masters new Boost blog


  • Front-end Development South Africa

    I was invited to talk about Web Components on the FEDSA livestream meetup. Watch on YouTube

  • Luro Public Release

    Brought Luro out of Beta and available for public sign-ups.

  • Austin Javascript

    Presented “HTML with Superpowers” at the recently rebooted Austin JavaScript meetup.

  • Creating Web Components on Kevin Powell

    CSS expert Kevin Powell had me on his livestream to talk about creating Web Components. Watch on YouTube


  • An Event Apart Denver

    Presented my Log Jams talk at AEA Denver.

  • Frontend Feud: ShopTalk vs CSS Podcast

    Attempting to defend the JS Party Frontend Feud title against the formidable CSS Podcast

  • Some Antics Livestream

    I joined Ben Myers to talk about work happening in Open UI. Watch on YouTube

  • Co-Founded Luro

    Co-founded Luro with Trent Walton and Reagan Ray.


  • ShopTalk YouTube

  • Frontend Fued: ShopTalk Show vs Syntax on JSPartyFM

    ShopTalk vs Syntax in an epic battle. Hands down one of the funnest times I’ve had on a podcast. Listen on JSParty

  • An Event Apart Spring Summit

    Talking about Web Components at the Spring Summit 2021 edition of An Event Apart.

  • axe-con

    Talking about Accessibility Backlogs at the axe-con put on by the good folks at Deque.

  • Inclusion Hub Interview

    I was asked to talk about Accessibility from a lay person’s perspective over on the Inclusion Hub.


  • All Things Open 2020

    Presenting my new talk at All Things Open called “Unblocking Backlog Jams with Multi-Dimensional Accessibility Audits”. Like most things in 2020, this will be an online event.

  • Live Shop Talk at SmashingConf Austin

    Chris and I did another LIVE shoptalk at the (virtual) Austin version of SmashingConf.

  • The Bike Shed Podcast

    I was invited on the Bike Shed podcast episode 263 to talk about a myriad of topics ranging from accessibility, blogging, and design systems.

  • Live Shop Talk at SmashingConf Live

    Chris and I doing a LIVE shoptalk webinar at the online circus bonanza known as the SmashingConf Live online event.

  • An Event Apart: Front-End Focus

    Presenting a new talk at An Event Apart: Online Together called “Unblocking Backlog Jams with Multi-Dimensional Accessibility Audits”

  • The Web Platform Podcast

    Hopped on The Web Platform Podcast to talk about Modern HTML.


  • 🕶 Awesome Standalones

    Made Awesome Standalones - A curated list of awesome framework-agnostic standalone web components.

  • Published on CSS-Tricks

    I was invited by CSS-Tricks to write about what has me excited about web development, and I wrote about The Kind of Development I Like.

  • Live Shop Talk at JAMstack Conf

    Chris and I will be doing a live Shop Talk Show at JAMStack Conf in San Francisco.

  • Thundernerds

    I was invited onto the Thundernerds to talk about prototypes, podcasting, and blogging.

  • Keyframers

    I crashed an episode of the Keyframers.

  • Prompts

    Prompts is an Inktober-inspired drawing app for touchscreen devices

  • Artifact

    Presenting “What’s Changed and Where It’s Going” at Artifact in Austin, TX

  • An Event Apart DC

    Presented “What’s Changed and Where It’s Going”, a new talk at An Event Apart DC in Washington DC

  • AccessU Online 2019

    A short chat with Christopher Schmitt at the AccessU Online Conference

  • Gymnasium Webinar

    A chat about prototypes over at The Gymnasium

  • CodePen Radio

    Trent Walton and I joined CodePen Radio to talk about how we do prototyping at Paravel: Prototyping with Dave and Trent


  • Show Me Your Mic

    I rejoined Chris Enns’ podcast about podcasting and talked about “Can Podcasting Go Windows?

  • An Event Apart Chicago

    Presenting a new talk called “The Four Divine Beasts of Accessibility”

  • A11Y Nutrition Cards

    A11y Nutrition Cards, a new open source project focusing on presenting accessible expectations in a consumable manner.

  • An Event Apart DC

    Presenting a new talk called “The Four Divine Beasts of Accessibility”

  • Austin JavaScript

    Spur of the moment ask to debut my new talk “The Four Divine Beasts of Accessibility”


    ❬ASIDE❭ QUEST is a video games podcast for people too busy to play video games with my friend Danh Hoang.

  • ███ ████

    ██ ███ ████ █████ ███ ████.


  • Refresh Austin

    Presented “Vague, but exciting 2.1” in my hometown at Refresh Austin.

  • Beyond Tellerand Berlin

    Presented “Vague, but exciting 2.0” at Beyond Tellerand in Berlin, Germany.

  • Austin on Rails

    Spoke to the local Austin on Rails meetup about building Progressive Web Apps.

  • CSSDevConf Keynote QA

    Closing Keynote QA at CSSDevConf. I was interviewed by author and conference organizer Christopher Schmitt.

  • CSSDevConf Session

    Semi-impromptu roundtable discussion called “Let’s Talk Burnout” where designers and developers shared causes, effects, and coping strategies for burnout.

  • Squares Conference

    Presented an updated version of “Vague, but exciting” at Squares Conference in Grapevine, TX (Dallas). This time focusing on the question of how large creative projects get made.


  • Smashing Conference Freiburg

    Presented “Vague, but exciting” at Smashing Conference in Freiburg, Germany.

  • Austin JavaScript

    Debut of a new talk at Austin JavaScript: Progressive Web Apps (on Ruby on Rails (at a JavaScript Meetup)). Slides

  • An Event Apart DC

    Debut of a new talk at An Event Apart DC: Vague But Exciting. Discussing how we can use prototypes to quickly build out new ideas.

  • Global Defense

    DayTrip Launched my first game Global Defense. A massive multiplayer online space defender.
  • Between Players Podcast

    My good friend Zach Meyer invited me on Between Players Episode 03: Time to talk about the ideal video game length for working professionals and casual gamers.

  • Live Shop Talk Show at Web Design Day in Pittsburg

    Chris and I joined the festivities at Web Design Day in Pittsburg.

  • .net Magazine Feature

    I was featured in the March 2016 issue of NetMagazine


  • CSSDevConf Keynote

    I was asked to do the closing keynote for CSSDevConf aboard the H.M.S. Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

  • Dave Rupert: Working from Home

    Martin Wolf invited me to share about my workspace on his blog.

  • Emi Jeanne Rupert

    My second child Emi Jeanne Rupert was born.

  • Live ShopTalk at An Event Apart Chicago

  • An Event Apart DC

  • DayTrip

    DayTrip Paravel launches DayTrip, an app to help you break the Netflix cycle so you can go outside and play.
  • GenerateConf New York

  • Styleguides Podcast

    I was invited by Anna Debenham and Brad Frost to be on the Styleguides Podcast

  • Responsive Web Design Summit 2015

  • An Event Apart Atlanta






  • Lettering.js

  • Lost World's Fairs

    Paravel teamed up with Naz Hamid, Frank Chimero, Jason Santa Maria and Microsoft to celebrate the launch of IE9.

  • .net Magazine

    Co-wrote an article with Trent Walton on CSS3 Transitions.

  • The Many Faces Of...

    Paravel launches a site about our love of movies and Alan Rickman.

  • Refresh Austin

    Talk on Webkit’s CSS Transitions


  • ATX Web Show

  • Moved back to Austin


  • Married Jessica Conklin

    She was in a rock band, she stole my heart, so I married her.

  • Paravel

    Formed Paravel with good friends Trent Walton and Reagan Ray

  • JET Programme

    Lived in Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture teaching English on the JET Programme from 2003–2006.

  • University of Texas at Austin

    Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Japanese