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Shop Talk Show

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Shop Talk Show is a podcast all about front-end web design and development with my friend and co-host Chris Coyier of CodePen and (formerly) CSS-Tricks. Each week we interview industry experts and/or answer user-submitted questions. It started –before “front-end” was even a word– in a time where there weren’t a lot of non-serious web design podcasts, so we made one modelled after NPR’s Car Talk. But mostly, it’s a chance for me to sit down with my friend Chris each week and talk shop.

How do you summarize a project like this? Over the past 12 years we’ve seen industry trends come and go. We used to have a soundboard, but then it got too loud. We (well, not me) have written books. We’ve had kids and started companies. We’ve observed guests’ entire career arcs, from CSS demoscene to board rooms. And we’ve lost a few friends along the way.

The only feeling I can express is gratitude. I’m thankful for Chris Coyier for doing this with me, our editor Chris Enns (and past editors) for making us sound good, sponsors for the support, Miranda for watching the bank accounts, Tina for the transcriptions, and for all the guests who have come on over the years for their expertise. But most of all I’m thankful for all the Shop-o-maniacs who download this show in their podcatcher of choice every week; it means the world. Thank you.