Frustrated by the emotional weight of hundreds of thoughts lingering in my blogging kanban, I chucked a good bit of time into a week of high-powered blogging and achieved great results. Garnered eight blog posts this month and a one week streak. One of the best months of blogging I’ve had in a good while.

I needed to flush ideas out so that I could start to focus on other more interesting ideas. With those out of the way, I can make room for other thoughts or what I secretly want to do: write shitty science fiction. Between blog posts, YouTubes, and podcasts; this month it felt like the Dave Rupert Content Engine™ was working.

I hoped to post a bit more in Blogtober, but my family’s plans changed a bit as my wife’s grandmother passed away. What balance I was thriving on was shaken up by a death in the family. I still have half-a-dozen posts on deck, so I’m optimistic momentum can continue into November as I purge ideas out of the queue.

Goodbye Grandma Jeanne

My wife’s grandma Jeanne was a wonderful woman who lived in-and-around Bakersfield, California her whole life. She had a full 89 years of life and after a rough summer of mystery health problems this summer culminating in a stroke and a case of pneumonia, she moved on from this world. She will be deeply missed.

She was a sharp and clever woman; a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend. Dedicated to her church and would never miss a chance to let you know she’s praying for you. She leaves behind her a great legacy and some lucky ones have inherited her singing voice.

I never knew my great grandparents, so I think it’s special that my kids will at least have some memory of Great Grandma Jeanne. It’s a good thing when families can span generations and dinners with “cousins” occupy a whole wing of a restaurant.

The case of the ill-fitting jacket

While trying on jackets for the funeral, I found an almost perfect jacket at J. Crew. Disappointment set in as it felt the smallest bit short when I tried it on. The dressing room associate pointed out the jacket was actually normal but because my distended belly was so fat, the jacket was pulling up. He might have said it nicer, but not much nicer.

That… uh… wasn’t a great feeling. But I did learn that in a 2020s world where everything is slim fits, I’m a 1990s-sized regular. Only husky 90s kids get this.

Thus… I guess November is Health Month. I’m already taking steps but the bulk of my issues come down to prioritizing myself. Will need to focus on that, but it’s hard with wife and kids and whatnot. If you’re good at prioritizing yourself — awesome — I literally don’t want to hear a fucking word from you. If you’re bad at it, oh nice, me too, I’d love to commiserate.

Autumnal Camping

In the middle of the month my family and I went camping with our camping friends. Our campsite backed up to Lake Georgetown about 30 minutes north of Austin. It felt like a great escape without hauling a trailer for hours there and back.

We are reaping the rewards of camping with the same people over many years. We know how to plan, divvy, and cook meals for twenty people out of coolers and camp stoves. We know what gear and gadgets we need and don’t need. We prattle on about careers, life, kids, maladies, and faith as you can only do around a campfire. Our kids are all growing up too. We used to have to helicopter around them all weekend, but now they move in tiny flocks together from campsite to campsite and holler if they take a serious tumble or find something like a tarantula! Exciting.

Starting to think about updating our camper but might be cheaper to buy land somewhere 😂


Business-wise things are progressing. Demos are happening. Contracts are being inked.

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