Two years of working on Luro full time has taught me a lot about #startuplife. While I could probably fill a book with what I’ve learned so far, the biggest takeaway is you’re always busy if you’re on a small team. Here’s a list of jobs that you always need to be doing when creating a company…

  • Planning new features
  • Building new features
  • Marketing new features
  • Updating old features
  • Managing technical debt
  • Establishing processes
  • Documenting everything
  • Hopping on calls
  • Getting feedback
  • Contacting existing customers
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Improving onboarding
  • Assuring quality
  • Filling out enterprise software acquisition forms
  • Evaluating software tools for internal use
  • Tracking competitors
  • Building culture
  • Hiring people
  • Managing people
  • Meeting payroll
  • Providing health insurance
  • Pitching VCs
  • Creating FOMO
  • Casting vision
  • Investor updates
  • Emailing lawyers
  • Accounting and taxes

Not enough that we should overly glamorize entrepreneurs, but it’s a lot. Especially, when you’re also tasked with building the darn thing. My list doesn’t even get into the all the nuance of all the required systems and processes you need to build either. That’s a whole other post.

Thanks to Greg Storey for previewing an early mouthblog of this post.