You and I are partaking in something magical.

The electric meat inside my cranium told my fingers to punch mechanical keys to send signals through an electric rock and encode these thoughts on a magnetic rock. Then through radio waves, beacons, and wires I create a copy of this magnetically encoded text on another rock in another town, in another state. That rock copies itself to another town (possibly in another country) closer to you. Then through another relay of wires and radio waves that text replicates itself on the electric rock in your palm. Your rock renders those words with light through stained glass. You read rendered words and glyphs and the electric meat in your own head decodes the text.

Our thoughts, words, and images transfigured through time and space as ones and zeroes. Circumnavigating the globe in milliseconds. An immaculate relay. A holy exchange.

That is powerful. It is precious. We would do well to preserve its sanctity.