I’m coming to the realization when you’re a family with a small fridge you cannot be all these platonic ideals at the same time:

  • The buy in bulk Costco family
  • The big weekly shopping trip family
  • The cook/order extra and eat leftovers family
  • The cook extra and freeze it family
  • The meal prep family
  • The freezer full of frozen smoothie ingredients family
  • The buy one-off condiments, sauces, or pickles family
  • The keep fresh fruits and veggies on hand family
  • The make my kids lunches family

At best you can be one of these or buy a garage fridge. People with two fridges seem content. Some industrious folks keep a whole deer or half a cow in there. I’m not going that overboard, I need a home for a bag of chicken nuggies, tamales from Arizona, and some ice cream.

Interesting predicament, small fridges. Instagram Reel-esque lifehacks could save my family some real money, reduce waste, and make food choices more healthy or interesting. I don’t want an extra fridge humming in the garage getting slimy, but I also don’t want to go to the store every other day. Good grief, Charlie Brown.