As part of my weight loss journey, I’ve overhauled the fluids I consume. I’ve ditched alcohol (mostly), diet sodas (completely) and sparkling water (completely) and have settled into a mix of coffee (morning), tea (afternoon), and (in the evenings) something we around the house call “fun water”.

An illustrated picture of a cup with two water level marks: the top 80% is labelled water, and the bottom 20% is labelled fun

An actual diet program recommended this. I even got a dedicated cup for it. The recipe is 1/5ths orange juice, lemonade, or something fun and 4/5ths water. It’s only enjoyable if you call it “fun water.” Now it’s fun. It’s a funky cocktail cooked up by your funky aunt and totally definitely not the trick you pulled on your toddler to make them drink more water.

I like my fun water. It’s good to be hydrated. And I’m getting older which makes caffeine after 3pm a risky choice. Anyways, this is what the rest of my boring adult life looks like.