I have nearly 2,000 unreads in my RSS reader since the last time I zeroed it out. That’s a lot and sometimes I get overwhelmed. On the positive side, nearly ~1,500 of those posts are from ~30 personal blogs I follow. That makes me happy that friends are posting on their sites and for the state of blogging in general.

While I love RSS, it’s hard for me to “power thru” these personal blogs because… well… they’re personal. They’re more powerful and often more thoughtful and more well-researched than a content mill, more precious. Knowing there’s hundreds of gems in this pile of 1,500 posts slows me down. I want to savor these contributions, but it’s overwhelming like having the next year’s worth of content meals planned out.

Rather than let myself be overwhelmed, I made a deal with myself: One friend a day. I’ll zero out one personal blog a day. Dig in and get to know someone. Some have a handful of unread posts, some have hundreds. In a month or so I’ll finish and I’m sure the hopper will have refilled itself. Hopefully it’s more manageable this time.