After a good long hem n’ haw about Texas politics my friend Daniel filled a conversational pause by jokingly asking…

“So what’s good?”

A question made in jest, but it has stuck in me like a knife. I now see my ability to complain everywhere. On the walk to school with neighbors they ask how it’s going, “Ughck. I’m busy”, or “Ughck. It’s hot”, or “Ughck. Kids putting on shoes, amirite?!”

I’m trying to figure this out. It’s starting to bother me because I don’t believe myself to be a negative or overly pessimistic person. But there are times I hear the vibe-killing “Debbie Downer” sludge pouring out of my mouth.

The best I can come up with is…

  1. I think it’s easier to complain? My negativity bias bubbling to the surface. Is it easier for humans to commiserate on bad circumstances rather than celebrate good ones?
  2. It’s an attempt to self-deprecate? Life is going good but I don’t want you to think it’s going too good.
  3. My engineering brain? I spend every day finding and predicting problems, is my brain over-tuned to find problems?

Either that or I’m a big ol’ StrongSad. Hm.