Another week, more links. I’ve split this up a bit and added a section of cool (open source) projects.

EVERY Gundam Timeline Explained - Tim Lyu breaks down every Gundam timeline and series in an incredible and obsessive fashion. I also watched his Evangelion breakdown too.

Scams, Art Theft and NFTs - I like Brad Colbow’s thinking, from an artist’s perspective, around NFTs.

Make Free Stuff - Max Böck touches on one of my biggest concerns with Web3 in that it attempts “to impose even more artificial locks and transactions on users, to extract even more money”, getting away from the Web’s anti-capitalist beginnings.

Omnichord - Jake Albaugh makes a free musical instrument using the Web Audio API. And it’s fun. Also, subdomains rule.

nuxt-cms-template - Alex Riviere and Andrew Walpole figured out how to integrate Netlify CMS’s block-based editor and preview feature with a Nuxt application. It may not sound like a big deal but getting a React app and a Nuxt app working together without creating a turducken is pretty intuitive.

Accessible document workflow iwth Eleventy and Prince - Larry Hudson shows how to turn an Eleventy site into an accessible PDF using Prince.