Inspired by Kottke’s Quick Links, Jeremy Keith’s Links, and my desire to get off Twitter as the primary means of sharing interesting links, I’m trying a new weekly-ish post format. I also have a process for collecting links in Notion that should make this easy to sustain.

Margo by HEX. What a gorgeous font!

The Cutting Edge - July 1985; an MTV documentary about the Austin, TX music scene. Goes to show that Austin is the same as it ever was: cool, indie, weird, non-coastal, constantly growing, and perpetually worried about the vibe of the city changing.

Did I complete my 30 day game making challenge?. Mark Brown teaches a lot about prototypes, MVPs, getting feedback, and how killing momentum is easy.

Line Goes Up - The Problem with NFTs. A stoic look at some of the large and systemic problems that NFTs and cryptocurrency have.

The secret lab making the most sustainable food in the world. Solein is a new form of food that turns CO₂ into a protein which sounds sci-fi, but may be the best idea yet to fight climate change?