Twitter has been fever-pitched about Web3, blockchain, and NFTs. It’s made it an unenjoyable place for me as more and more people I follow chase the money over to Web3. Everything is getting an NFT feature: Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Disney+, Star Trek; it’s exhausting.

I spent a lot of time and emotional well-being last month thinking (aka “doing my own research”) about Web3 and NFTs. I’m not morally opposed to ledger-like problems that blockchain can solve and DAOs even sound great; but the surface area for criminal activity, unregulated markets, no consumer protection, fake scarcity to drive up values, low-quality art being cheaply made selling at inflated values, thousands of 500 watt GPUs glowing in a basement in Iowa destroying the environment for a profile picture… Ugh.

NFTs are sucking the air out of everything… both literally and figuratively.

Two weeks ago I uninstalled Twitter from my devices. Waking up in the morning I’m no longer greeted with a million angry voices. No faux conservative outrage, no reactive liberal outrage. It can all be undone in an instant, but right now I’m unplugged from the infernal machine and it feels unsettingly quiet.