I got back from vacation and abruptly resumed the grind. The project I’m working is approaching its launch date, but we hit a small issue where pre-generating 12,000+ routes was causing long build-times. Jamstack tooling has some issues to iron out, I think. The issue is the delta between what I author and what gets deployed is prone to discrepancies. That said, I’m looking forward to the next generation of tools like Astro and Nuxt 3 with Vite, I think that will help some of those debugging issues.

Resumed in-person DnD, in time to start worrying about the Delta variant. I hate the Delta variant. It already sounds like a movie I don’t want to see because it’s too stressful, but it also brings with it lots of unnecessary sickness, death, risk of viral mutation, and disinformation. While I’m glad the vaccine lowers my chance of death and hospitalization to near zero, there’s still a lot to worry about with transmission rates, viral load, rates of symptomatic infection for children under the age of 12, and a governor hellbent on trying to out-macho the virus. My faith that “personal responsibility” is going to get us out of this mess is low.

Y’know what’s good tho? Hobbies. Because I was on vacation for a bit of it, it felt like a short month, but here’s a rundown of vibes I chased down.

  • 📖 Reading: Finished four books this month.
    • Play: A book about the psychology of play. I loved it and it fits my prototyping ethos.
    • Play Anything: A book about play from a gaming context and the joy of setting constraints.
    • The Adventure Zone: The fourth book in the tabletop RPG podcast-based series. By far my favorite arc so far.
    • Bubble: A wonderful story (also based on a podcast) about Buffy-like monster hunters being a part of the gig economy.
  • 📝 Blogging: Published 4 blog posts! This is probably as high as a KPI as I could ask for, given my workload right now.
    • My Safari one-offs post got a lot of traffic, but I wrote it for myself to quantify the issues I have with Safari and help re-train my brain about its capabilities.
    • My little experiment with petite-vue to add filters to my bookshelf was my favorite bit of code I wrote this month.
    • I also wrote some shitty sci-fi that I may or may not publish. Who knows. An editor might go a long ways here.
  • 💪 Fitness: Still enjoying Pickleball. Failing on my goal to go to the pool a lot.
  • 🎙️ Podcasts: ShopTalk and Aside Quest still trucking.
  • ⌨️ Open Source: Demo’d an idea for native HTML Tabs called <spicy-sections> in Open UI.
  • ⚖️ Budgeting: Not doing this.
  • 🎮 Gaming: The usual Overwatch skin-farming and COD Warzone Military Barbie, but I also went dumpster diving in the Apple Arcade and played Game Dev Story+, Mini Motorways, and Taiko no Tatsujin for iOS. Mini Motorways is a standout game for sure.