Every once in awhile the idea of “funemployment” pops into my brain. I’m not considering it, I’m thankful to have work in this economy, but after 13 straight years of running my own company I sometimes let my mind wander. It starts looking like this:

  • The first week would for sure be coming up with some dumb side project
  • The next week would be going through my 1Password, updating all my passwords and closing old accounts
  • Two weeks for clearing out my terrible inbox
  • I probably need to get fit too, walks, yoga, bike rides, swimming
  • I’d start making a video game
  • I’d play too many video games
  • I’d need a month or two for learning algorithms in case I ever got a whiteboard interview
  • I’d start rewriting my new side projects, but with algorithms!
  • I’d spend a few days making an over-elaborate Notion system for keeping track of job leads
  • I’d probably try reboot my Twitch stream and come to grips with being an old man on an app for teens
  • If the virus ever gets better, I’d try to be one of those threatening vagabonds that goes to coffeeshops just with no work. They just sit there and look at people. Maybe just a book. Or worse: having an open-ended chat.
  • There’s also those dozens and dozens of TV shows and movies on my watchlist and I’m sure I’d be a better person if I watched them

Ugh. I already feel overwhelmed. It’s certainly not “fun” losing a job, especially when you’re older. There’s a lot of inherent ageism in our industry and it frightens me. If I had to guess it’s because older people are generally more expensive, have house payments, require healthcare, aren’t as adventurous with technology, are more conservative in their estimates, and won’t stay up past midnight working on your dumb ideas. And from what I’ve seen second hand, there’s another downside in that being senior means longer interview processes, less clear job definitions, and bigger disappointments. It makes me thankful for the work I have and I wish I could cast a magic spell for my friends.

The ageism highlights the exploitation of younger people as much as it does the disenfranchisement of older people. Literally, there are billionaires out there who want to drain the blood out of young men. If you got extra blood, go ahead and sell it I guess. Me though, I’m trying to keep all the blood in my body to power my old brain. Keep that going and maybe I’ll be able to finally learn those algorithms everyone keeps talking about.