I’ve been carrying around some open source guilt for awhile. And it’s all because I have multiple open issues and Pull Requests to put my tiny jQuery plugins on NPM.

I want to be open minded but I have a tough time understanding how this situation was created and where these two worlds meet. A big modern NPM + Webpack workflow but still using tiny jQuery plugins? Is this a Grunt/Gulp hangover?

Maybe I’m dragging my feet over personal baggage. I love and use NPM but I got burned a few times by supporting Bower. I’ve also stopped reaching for jQuery. Over the years I’ve gotten better at JavaScript while JavaScript itself has gotten better. querySelectorAll replaces 90% of jQuery for me. I even rewrote a vanilla FitVids for my own site.

The urgency to support yet another thing isn’t there. Is this what abandonware feels like?

There’s probably some security concerns.. I mean, if you npm install fittext, that package bundles FitText and Bram Stein’s Hypher + German extension. That’s fairly innocuous bloat, but what if.

Ugh. What do you do, y’know.