I’m happy to announce the launch of my next podcast venture: ❬ASIDE❭ QUEST with my friend Danh Hoang. It’s a video games podcast for people who are too busy to play video games.

Listen to ❬ASIDE❭ QUEST

Danh is a designer working for Vox and we’ve been playing tons of Overwatch over the last year. While we love Overwatch, we’re embarrassed by our backlog of video games. I call it my “List of Shame”. There’s so many good games out there and so little time.

Since we’re both web developers, each week will resemble a standup:

  1. What games did you play?
  2. What games are you going to play?
  3. Any blockers?

I’m excited about this podcast. I have untold numbers of games in my Steam, Itch, Xbox, and Switch wishlists. Whole worlds waiting to be explored. It’s just the motivation I need to jump into new games and even play through some of the classics I missed along the way.