Let me break this down for you.

  1. Two women leads. This is rare even today. This Lead Vocalist Ann Wilson and the lead guitarist Nancy Wilson are incredible. They both shred. Oh an…
  2. They were sisters. Did you notice that? Not only were they rock’n’rollers, but sisters. This is a 10x awesome factor.
  3. Ann Wilson shreds. Still quite possibly the most heavy metal vocalist ever.
  4. Nancy Wilson shreds even harder. I’d trade all my teeth to have even just a quarter of Nancy Wilson’t raw talent and guitar skills.
  5. The other guitarist Roger Fisher played a two necked guitar. This is all you need to know. That is bad ass.
  6. Roger Fisher also wore a satin karate gi on stage. I’m gonna let that one sink in. Then when you’ve recooperated from this mind blowing fact, checkout these wierd thong bellbottoms thing and check yourself into the hospital because you just got rocked.
  7. They did all this before MTV. MTV switched on and got flooded with glam rock. But that didn’t stop them, they adapted, sissied up and met that synth rock pop music and grabbed another handful of Billboard Top 10 hits.

Look. You’re not gonna win on this one. You probably just ought to admit I’m right. You’ll probably drop the “Led” on me and think you countered my lvl 70 wizard spell, but in the year 2017 ain’t nobody got time to listen to a 42-minute guitar solo.

Toto? Did you say “Toto”? Well, now, maybe you have an argument…