The annual updates to Webkit and Safari are exciting for a web developer like me. A feature finally shipping on Mobile Safari tends to mean it’s now a feature we can actually use. Here’s my recap of what’s new.

  • backdrop-filter is awesome. So much hacking to get legible text over an image is now a solved problem. Supports Apple’s blurry design aesthetic.
  • scroll-snap-points are awesome. Microsoft had this in IE10, but it was nice how they presented them as their brainchild. Supports Apple’s trend in scroll-jacking websites.
  • ES6 features are great.
  • @supports is very welcome.
  • PiP… meh? Probably nice for video sites and advertisers.
  • webkitMouseForce Ugh. I mean I guess we’ll support your own proprietary ForceTouch hardware now. Why not extend W3C PointerEvents as opposed to creating more proprietary events? I dunno.

Those were just the updates in the video. There’s loads more over on; Unprefixed CSS Properties1, Responsive Design Mode™2, Pinned Tabs3, and lots of other nice features.

I’m happy to see things move forward but annual updates is an interesting choice for Safari.

  1. Yay!

  2. Safari’s Responsive Design Mode™ only focuses only on Apple’s device sizes, reinforcing an Apple Monoculture, but sure great.

  3. You’ll need to create a new 100% black SVG favicon for this to work… umm… okay… sure…oh it also appears to have broken compat. Good job.