I recently had the opportunity to speak at AustinJS about Lettering.js, the jQuery plugin I created for The Lost World’s Fairs. The presentation starts at ~4:23 and is followed by a 10 minute Q&A. My favorite part of the whole talk is when I invent a brand new CSS property called -webkit-slightly-escalating-text.

Here are the slides that are available for download on Slideshare (and hopefully soon at Note & Point). Also, don’t forget to re-look at the ever growing gallery of real-world examples over at LetteringJS.com.

Big thanks to Logan Lindquist and his side project AustinTechVideos.com for recording the talk. If you run a meetup in/around Austin, consider hiring him. I think it’s an excellent thing to document all the talks around town.

Bonus PowerPoint!!

Because I know you like PowerPoints, here are some slides on Webkit Transitions and the accompanying demos I did for a talk at Refresh Austin last year.

Also worth checking out: Trent Walton and I co-wrote an article for a Summer 2010 issue of NetMag (Issue 205 - Out of Print) that features similar, less-copyright-infringing, demos along with a simple walkthrough explanation of CSS transitions and animations.