Howdy, Partner


I'm Dave Rupert, lead developer at Paravel. I co-host ShopTalk with Chris Coyier, an award-winning sound effects podcast that also covers web development. I'm a dad to two wonderful kids. I live in Austin, TX; the best damn city, in the best damn state, in the best damn country, in the whole damn world.

Personal Timeline


  • .net Magazine Feature

    I was featured in the March 2016 issue of NetMagazine


  • CSSDevConf Keynote

    I was asked to do the closing keynote for CSSDevConf aboard the H.M.S. Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

  • Emi Jeanne Rupert

    My second child Emi Jeanne Rupert was born.

  • Live ShopTalk at An Event Apart Chicago

    Live ShopTalkShow

  • An Event Apart DC

    Prototypes and Play

  • DayTrip

    DayTrip Paravel launches DayTrip, an app to help you break the Netflix cycle so you can go outside and play.

  • GenerateConf New York

    Prototypes and Play

  • Responsive Web Design Summit 2015

    Automate Your Tools

  • An Event Apart Atlanta

    Prototypes and Play






  • Lettering.js

    Launched a glorified span injector!

  • Lost World's Fairs

    Paravel teamed up with Naz Hamid, Frank Chimero, Jason Santa Maria and Microsoft to celebrate the launch of IE9.

  • .net Magazine

    Co-wrote an article with Trent Walton on CSS3 Transitions.

  • The Many Faces Of...

    Paravel launches a site about our love of movies and Alan Rickman.

  • Refresh Austin

    Talk on Webkit's CSS Transitions


  • ATX Web Show

  • Moved back to Austin


  • Married Jessica Conklin

    She was in a rock band, she stole my heart, so I married her.

  • Paravel

    Formed Paravel with good friends Trent Walton and Reagan Ray

  • JET Programme

    Lived in Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture teaching English on the JET Programme from 2003–2006.

  • University of Texas at Austin

    Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Japanese